Gli obiettivi di Spiga Nord S.p.A.

Spiga Nord S.p.A., the company mission

Management, aware of the growing Customers’ requirements concerning the products’ quality, the compliance of scheduled deliveries, the containment of costs and the reliability of business management, is fully willing to give concrete and prompt replies to these requests.

The Company’s purpose is to ensure that all activities are developed in an efficient and affordable way by developing a business management system characterized by the following principles:

Compliance with applicable laws obtained by availing itself both of internal qualified staff and external partners;

Compliance with GMP standards and requirements for the management of the production process related to the pharmaceutical market.

Consistent application of technical regulations on products and contractual requirements;

Continuous improvement of products’ quality and service to the Customer;

Tendency to prevention rather than elimination of defects;

Constant determination in research and elimination of non-conformities, because absolutely convinced that a defect not only leads to a corrective action and related compensation costs, but it can also mean a significant loss of image;

Individual responsibility on matters related to quality implemented at all levels through appropriate specific training;

Staff awareness of the need to ensure compliance of work with specifications, considering those people enjoying the results of that work, whether inside or outside the company as “customers”;

Pursuit of a diligent and constant collaboration with suppliers connected with production cycles.
Moreover the Company main objective is the achievement of the Customer’s satisfaction through:

the prompt and constant customer assistance from Spiga Nord technical staff in order to solve any technical, regulatory or quality related issue;

the elaboration, where necessary, of specific product formulations to achieve particular customer requirements;

the joint cooperation between Spiga Nord Research & Development team and the customer staff in order to work out innovative product formulations or new product applications, thanks to Spiga Nord ample know how concerning glycerol and its derivates.