About polyglycerols

Polyglycerols are inter-molecular glycerol ethers formed by the condensation of “n” (2 or more) glycerol molecules with elimination of “n-1” water molecules. Spiga Nord S.p.A. exclusively manufactures these products by polycondensation of Kosher and Halal grade and GMO-free Natural Refined Glycerine.

Thanks to the unique process engineered by Spiga Nord, the final composition has an extremely high content in linear polymers and reduces to the minimum the presence of cyclic compounds which are below 1% in Diglycerine and anyhow below 5% for longer chain compositions. This advanced technology combined with more than half a century of experience in refining glycerine results also in unmatched characteristics which you will not find elsewhere in the market: pleasant taste, odourless, colourless – Polyglycerine-3 and Polyglycerine-4 have a typical value < 50 Hazen: three times less than usual market limits – and with a remarkable thermal stability, they fit particularly well in food and cosmetics preparations, where degradations of original characteristics during the process are strongly undesired issues.

Our Polyglycerols are suitable for the manufacture of esters in line with specifications laid down for Food Additives E475 POLYGLYCEROL ESTERS OF FATTY ACIDS and E476 POLYGLYCEROL POLYRICINOLEATE in Regulation 231/2012 and in 21 CFR 172.854 for the Food Additive POLYGLYCEROL ESTERS OF FATTY ACIDS. Polyglycerol esters cover various functions in Foodstuffs: emulsifiers, fat-substitutes, active agent for the maintenance of foodstuffs’ rheology.

Because of their vegetable origin, they can be used in formulation where the possibility to claim a final product 100% natural is an issue. This is particularly interesting in cosmetic applications where the use of ethoxylated derivatives is increasingly questioned for dermatological and environmental reasons: Polyglycerol esters enable the preparation of ethoxylated-free emulsions.

Spiga Nord refined polyglycerols can be successfully applied directly in cosmetic formulations as a Solvent for fragrances thanks to their non-volatile nature or as a skin moisturizer, in view of the reduced number of hydroxyl groups within the carbon chain with respect to Glycerol and the greater molecular weight Polyglycerols and, as a consequence, Polyglycerol Esters (PGEs) are better tolerated by the human skin.In the research and development phases of a cosmetic formulation it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the product stability and functionality is valid after marketing and over shelf-life; moreover cosmetic products must maintain in course of time their texture, fragrance, softness, fast absorption. Polyglycerol Esters (PGEs), together with other compounds, can achieve both these goals. They are suitable to be applied as non-ionic emulsifiers, dispersants, emollients, wetting agents or thickeners in personal care formulations.

Another interesting characteristic of this family of products is their versatility: in fact one or more of the hydroxyl groups of the polyglycerol molecule can be esterified with acids of the same or different kind in order to obtain a wide variety of emulsifiers or surfactants characterized by desired HLB (Hydrophilic-lipophilic balance).

Thanks to their above mentioned properties Polyglycerines can also be used in a large variety of technical applications.

Polyglycerols and Polyglycerol esters can be used in the manufacture of Polymers: as plasticizer for specific new rheological properties adding immediately in polymerization in mass, suspension or emulsion phases or in the final production steps; as antifogging agents which can migrate to the polymer surface but with no migration to the product; as lubricants thanks to their viscosity characteristics maintained also at high temperatures.